Learn everything you need to know about getting a nose job

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The first thing we need to do is address the elephant: changing your schnoz really is a big decision. The schnoz is in the middle, right? Rhinoplasty may improve breathing problems and even change your appearance. Two birds can be killed with one stone if they are both aesthetic and functional.

You need to be aware of what is involved in this procedure before you start picturing yourself with your new look. The reshaping of the cartilage and bone in your nose is called rhinoplasty. It may be necessary to reduce the size, change the angle between your upper lip and nose, or fix that bump which looks like a skiing slope when viewed from the side. It’s as different as chalk and a cheese. What one person finds appealing might not be the best for another.

Selecting a doctor is like choosing an artist to paint your portrait. You’ll need someone experienced and skilled. You’ll wear this portrait every day. So do your homework! Check out reviews and before/after photos, but do so with caution. Remember that each facial expression tells a different story.

It is not enough to mark dates on a calendar. You must follow pre-op directions, like stopping certain medicines or avoiding drinking alcohol to avoid any unnecessary complications. It’s like prepping a canvas to paint. You need it primed for best results.

It’s not an easy recovery after surgery. Expect some swelling and bruising. Things will get worse, before they improve. Your doctor may tell you to avoid strenuous exercise (sorry for gym fans), keep your head elevated when sleeping, and stay away from glasses that rest on the newly formed nose bridge.

The next step is pain management. Although there will be pain, it can easily be controlled with prescription pain medications or simple over the counter painkillers. Imagine trying not to smile when someone cracks up a joke. It would be more painful than awkward.

The key to recovery is patience. Healing takes time, weeks and even months. Gradually the swelling goes down and the shape refines itself like slow magic. Waiting for this transformation is more time-consuming than watching an extended director’s edit of an already long film, but the result can be rewarding.

You may be surprised to learn that some people will not tell you this: after your surgery, you might experience moments of uncertainty when you are faced with unexpected reflections on mirrors. Yes, it can take some time for you to become accustomed to looking at the new version of your face.

Remember when I told you to select an experienced doctor? You can always do revisions if results are not as expected, but they’re better avoided if you get the job done right from the beginning.

Finally–and perhaps most importantly–consider why you want this surgery. If the surgery is purely cosmetic (no judgement here!) then it may be a good choice. If you do this to please yourself and not for external pressures such as unrealistic beauty expectations set by the society or even ex-lovers that didn’t like your unique quirks, then it’s okay.

As a conclusion (because, yes, we all need one), getting an nose job is neither a simple decision nor a journey easy. It can be personal and transformative physically and emotionally. It’s important to consider all factors, as feeling good in your own skin (or cartilage) is the ultimate goal.

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